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About Us

Purple Hills is an independent business that evolved from high end commercial painting to providing full design, construct and implementation branding solutions for the built environment.

We actively build strong client partnerships and strive hard to understand their communication challenges and desired outcomes. Our response is always appropriate to the brief, harnessing our creative thinking, understanding of design and deep knowledge of the construction industry to develop solutions that address branding as well as commercial needs.

For our clients this translates to delivering a successful project and getting the best out of their brand. For our team, an engaging and collaborative environment cultivates progressive thinking and innovative solutions.

Every project starts with a conversation. Let us help your business grow and evolve, call 1300 999 747 or email admin@purplehills.com.au

10 Things About Us

We’re fiercely independent

We pride ourselves on our ability to challenge the norm, make things happen and provide our clients with a unique perspective.

We’re specialised

We carefully select the right people with unique abilities for our core team. We then build the rest of the team to fit the project.

We engage in client dialogue

We build relationships based on openness. We understand the importance of maintaining an ongoing conversation with clients throughout the project life cycle.

We’re committed

We are proud of the commitment we bring every project. We take the time to develop close working relationships with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of what they want to achieve.

We listen to our clients

The brief is a two-way process. We’ll listen – but we’ll also question, analyse and explore to offer our clients the best possible solution.

We keep an open mind

We believe great ideas often come from unexpected places, and never limit ourselves.

We’re straightforward

We foster a collaborative environment where we voice opinions and question assumptions. We have the courage to tell it like it is with empathy and respect.

We’re don’t limit ourselves

Melbourne is our physical location, but we are open to opportunities wherever they may lie – nationally or overseas.

We believe change is good

Consumer environments change all the time. We strive to assist clients’ brands adapt and find new niches that give a distinct advantage.

We’d like to talk to you

If you’d like to chat about how we can help your business grow and evolve, give us a call.

Maintenance of your branded environment to ensure brand integrity is maintained throughout the life cycle of the project.

For more information about our capabilities and services.

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